Go GreenVirgin Vanlines is Going Green:

By choosing Virgin Vanlines to move your belongings, you are taking a positive step in the reduction of pollution and growing forests while supporting an innovative local business. As a part of our efforts to save the environment and help save trees, we will provide all our customer 7 FREE reusable containers on their moving day, for FREE usage.


Planting trees- A tree for a move program:

Tree Seads GrowingTeaming up with the international non-profit organization – “Trees for the future”, we plant 10 trees for every move we do. It doesn’t matter whether the move is small or big, each move receives 10 trees planted in their honor. We dedicate this to you. These trees will remove air pollution, filter water, sequester carbon and provide shelter to birds. This is our way of giving back and supporting our environment. Join hands with us for a greener and cleaner planet.

Recycled Packing Materials

Recycled BoxesFrom recycled cardboard boxes and recyclable plastic containers to Wood-Free Crating, we strictly adhere to the use of environmentally safe products when applicable. US  unique method of soft crating saves trees by avoiding the need to build wooden crates. This new way to protect delicate and fragile items uses recycled materials, thus saving many trees.

Certified Clean Idle Trucks

Certified Clean Idle Trucks
Virgin Vanlines  2009 new trucks comply with the new Reduced Idle Emission regulation that was implemented on January 1, 2008, which requires equipping an idle stop device. In lieu of the engine shutdown system, US trucks engines have been certified to meet the stricter NOx idling emission standard of 30 grams per hour. US trucks starting with the 2009 Model Year will carry this “CERTIFIED CLEAN IDLE” label on the driver side door of all models.
All our 2007/2008 trucks meet the EPA’s Heavy-Duty Highway Diesel Rules of 2007. These new regulations mandate that trucks manufactured in 2007, or after, produce 75-90% less nitrogen oxide and 90% fewer Particulates than earlier models.

Green Operation

Our "paperless" online operation has reduced our paper consumption by 85%. We are able to complete our quotes by working online, thus eliminating the use of any paper.

At Virgin Vanlines we will continue to implement changes to make our company as environmentally-friendly as possible. Join our efforts to have a cleaner and Greener Earth.


Client Testimonials

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As a full service moving company we perform packing, unpacking, shipping, and moving within US (include Hawaii), and we offer insured trucking for long distance and local shipping. Do not commit to a Moving Company until you have contacted us about your next move.

Virgin Vanlines  Also offer storage solutions from one box to an entire household, your belongings will be stored in a modern state-of-the-art facility where we can accommodate all your needs for warehouse storage.